5 Tips to Make Yourself a More Marketable Candidate

Looking for a new job? As experienced North Houston recruiters, Kingwood Personnel knows it’s certainly a different world out there when it comes to the job search than it was a decade ago, or even a few years ago. Regardless of the field you work in, today’s candidates have to be savvy in terms of both marketing and technology if you want to stand out.

So, what are some specific steps to take, so you’re more marketable to potential employers? Here’s a look at 5 of them:

Brand yourself on LinkedIn.

One of the first places beyond your resume that employers will look is LinkedIn. That’s why you need to have a strong presence there. Make sure your profile is fully updated, polished and aligns with your resume.

Also, take things a step further to increase your visibility. For instance, author a blog post, ask colleagues for recommendations, and look at how other similar candidates are branding themselves in effective ways. Be sure, too, to have a professional headshot on your profile.

Stay in-the-know.

Employers want to hire those people who are well informed about current challenges and opportunities in their fields, as well as trends coming into play. So make sure you’re in-the-know by regularly reading industry blogs, publications and other resources. While you can’t learn everything there is about a particular trend or topic, you will be able to answer questions more intelligently during interviews, as well as build a stronger case as to why you’re the best fit for a particular position.

Get educated.

If there’s a certain specialized skill that will make you more marketable, then get out there and attain it. That might mean a certification class, enrolling in an online course, or simply reading industry books. However, when you have a stronger or more specialized skill set than another candidate, you’re the one who’s going to get noticed – and get the job.

Create a portfolio.

Another way to stand out in a sea of other candidates is to create a portfolio of work online. You can then provide a link to it on your resume. This will help hiring managers gain more insight into your abilities and work quality than what you can really communicate on your resume and in a cover letter. Plus, it will show that you’re willing to go the extra mile to get the job.

Be positive.

Employers want to hire those who have a positive attitude and enthusiastic energy. Anything less can be toxic to the workplace. That’s why it’s so important to display an upbeat attitude to employers during your job search.

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Find the Right Candidates by Using a Staffing Agency

Gearing up to hire for your company? Gone are the days of posting an ad in the newspaper, interviewing a handful of candidates and making a hiring decision. Today, you have to perform phone screens and multiple rounds of interviews, verify references, test skills, and conduct background checks – all with no guarantee that you’re going to get a great hire.

The good news is that there is one step you can take that can help you to make smarter hiring decisions and bring better quality candidates on board: working with a staffing agency in North Houston. Here’s how one can help you:

Market knowledge.

You might recruit a few times a year. A staffing agency, on the other hand, recruits day in and out. They, therefore, have in-depth knowledge of the local North Houston employment marketplace. This includes where to find the best candidates and also what they’re looking for in potential employers.

In addition, they’ll also know the most effective approach for sourcing and recruiting passive talent, as well as any challenges you might face when trying to hire. In short, a staffing agency can give you the inside scoop on leveraging the local employment market to find and hire top-quality talent.

Broader reach.

Do you have roles that are difficult to fill? Do you require specialized knowledge for certain positions? You might need to hire quickly, but some jobs can pose a big challenge for many local employers. Enter a North Houston staffing agency. With a broader and deeper reach into the local employment landscape, they will know where to look to seek out hard-to-find talent. Beyond that, they’ll also be able to reach outside the area faster and more efficiently in order to source talent from a wide-ranging network of staffing partners.

Higher quality.

You don’t simply want someone to fill an empty seat. You want high-quality employees who can truly make a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. You’ll have a better shot at finding them with the help of a staffing agency. Not only can they recruit faster and find top candidates, but they can also thoroughly vet them for you. That way, you’ll simply get a small number of pre-qualified candidates to interview and make a final hiring decision on.

Promote your opportunity.

During the hiring process, you’re busy evaluating candidates. But are you also explaining to them why they should want to work for you? If you’re not, you’re missing out on a chance to attract better and stronger talent to your team. The best candidates want to work where there’s room for advancement, competitive pay and benefits, challenging and rewarding projects, and a healthy work-life balance. And when you partner with a staffing agency, they can help you better promote all the unique perks of working at your company to candidates.

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6 Best Kept Secrets to Retain Your Employees

According to a recent Gallup report, 42% of workers said it was a good time to look for a new job. That means that close to half of your employees could be on a search for greener pastures in their careers. As one of North Houston’s most trusted staffing agencies, Kingwood Personnel knows that while some turnover is healthy and normal, a lot of it is expensive and stressful.

The good news is that there are some relatively easy steps you can take today – and in the future – that can help you to retain your best employees. Here’s a look at six of them:

#1: Communication.

Employees appreciate an open line of communication with their employers. Not only will they feel more comfortable coming to you as issues arise, but they’ll feel like their opinion and their voice matters. As a manager, it’s therefore important for you to communicate openly and honestly with employees on a regular basis. This creates a culture of honesty and will enable you to forge stronger relationships with your staff.

#2: Opportunities for advancement.

Want to retain your best employees? You need to give them room to grow in the form of training and advancement opportunities. And this is a win-win for you and your employees. They’ll be able to acquire new skill and advance in their careers – all in a way that can have a positive bottom line impact on your company.

#3: Healthy work-life balance.

Today’s life is stressful for many employees, especially when it comes to caring for young kids or aging parents. That’s why, when you embrace and promote a healthy work-life balance, your employees are more likely to stick with your company and stay loyal to it. This can include anything from allowing flex time and telecommuting one day a week to offering discounts on gym memberships.

#4: Positive work culture.

People want to feel good about going to work each day. What they don’t want is to have to deal with a boss who plays favorites, co-workers who slack, and an overall toxic workplace culture. In the long run, it not only can impact employee performance but satisfaction, as well. On the flip side, a positive work culture can attract top performing talent and keep them at your company for years to come.

#5: Challenging work.

Your employees want to feel like the work they do matters; they want challenging and rewarding opportunities that enable them to grow and attain new heights in their careers. So, for instance, offer employees new responsibilities or stretch assignments in which they can test their abilities, gain new skills and improve their confidence.

#6: Feeling valued.

Above all, employees want their employers to recognize their contributions and hard work. Just a simple “thank you” can go a long way with most staff members. However, if you want to take recognition a step further, then set up a formal recognition plan, complete with incentives and bonuses for your employees.

Looking for professional help hiring and retaining top staff for your team?

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Can Old Social Media Posts Hinder My Job Search?

As one of North Houston’s experienced recruiting agencies, Kingwood Personnel knows the short answer is “yes.” That’s because studies show that most hiring managers will look at your social profiles when they’re considering hiring you. In fact, a report by Jobvite puts that number at 93%. What’s more is that over half – 55% – reconsidered an applicant due to the information they found.

So those Facebook posts that gained you friends and likes, could wind up hurting your job search in the long run. What are some of the worst offenders? Posts involving:

  • References to illegal drug use
  • Profanity
  • Sexual innuendo, or provocative or inappropriate photos
  • Gun and alcohol use
  • Errors in grammar or spelling
  • Discriminatory comments about race or religions

Now that you know the damage that negative social media posts can cause in your job search, what can you do about them? Here are some tips to consider:

Google yourself first to find out what a potential employer might uncover. This is likely the first step a hiring manager will take, so it’s important to know results that come up when you enter your name into the search field.

Get rid of incriminating posts. If you do have a history of posting unsavory information, then get rid of it where you can. Take down those photos of you at the bar or parties and try to clean up your profiles as much as possible.

Change your settings on social media profiles so you limit what the public can see. Also, on Facebook hide your friend’s list. You can control what you post, but not what they do, which is why this is a smart move to make. On Twitter, make sure your profile is protected and not public.

Keep your job search in mind going forward. If you’re not in the middle of a job search, but know you’ll be starting one in the coming months, keep that in mind when you’re posting on social media. Try to stick to neutral subjects and more positive posts in the future.

When it comes to finding a great new job, don’t let an old social media post stand in the way of you getting it. Make sure your online presence is polished and professional by following the tips above.

And if you’d like expert help with your job search process, please call Kingwood Personnel. As one of North Houston’s experienced recruiting agencies, we can help you whether you want to move up the corporate ladder, re-enter the workforce, acquire more experience, or gain more control over your schedule. Contact us today to get started or learn more.

Getting Rejected After an Interview Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

We decided to go in a different direction with another candidate.”

As one of North Houston’s top employment agencies, Kingwood Personnel knows that words like these can certainly sting, especially when you thought you were a shoo-in for the job. But instead of getting down on yourself – or depressed and bitter – you can use the experience to your advantage. Here’s how to learn from your rejection and improve during your next interview:

Take some time to reflect.

Unfortunately, most hiring managers don’t delve into the details, offering feedback on areas where you need to improve. It’s up to you to figure that out. So take some time to reflect and think about mistakes you made or questions you would have answered differently. If your nerves got the best of you, then before your next interview, ask a friend or family member to conduct a mock interview so you can practice your skills.

Do take feedback to heart.

If you’re one of the lucky ones and do receive specific feedback from the hiring manager, don’t get defensive. Instead, take their advice to heart so you can avoid the same mistakes in future job interviews. You’ll be a much stronger candidate for it.

Grieve…then get over it.

It’s easy to say that you shouldn’t take job rejection personally. However, it’s upsetting, no matter how experienced and confident you are. And it’s ok to grieve about the lost opportunity, for a short time. But after a couple of days, let it go. Don’t dwell on your disappointment for too long or what might have been. If you do, it could impact your future performance at interviews.

Don’t lose perspective.

Getting rejected for a job interview can certainly feel like the end of the world. But in reality, it’s simply part of the process. In other words, every job candidate – no matter how capable and confident – has been rejected in the past and many more will be turned down for an opportunity in the future. This is simply a part of the search process that you have to get through to find the job that’s right for you. When you realize and embrace this, it will help to build up your resiliency.

Keep up your search.

In the future, don’t fixate on a particular opportunity. Even if it’s your dream job and you think you’re the perfect fit, you never know what could happen. Instead, until you have a written offer in hand, continue your search and don’t think too much about any one job. That way, if you get bad news, it won’t be as upsetting and you’ll still have other possibilities you’re working on.

At Kingwood Personnel, as one of North Houston’s top employment agencies, we’re all about assisting candidates just like you find their ideal role. Whether you’re looking for a full-time job, or a temporary or contract assignment, we can help. Search our North Houston jobs now or contact us today.

Don’t Get Spooked During Your Next Job Search

Halloween has just come and gone. But there are still plenty of job seekers out there who have horror stories about their experiences on the employment market. How can you possibly avoid a similar situation – and find the right new job for you?

The answer’s easier than you think: With the help of a staffing company in North Houston. When you work with professionals, you can benefit in a variety of ways, including with:

Insight and guidance.

Have you ever wondered what employers really look for in job candidates? Or how they decide to extend an interview or offer? Recruiters in a staffing company can give you insight into these areas and so many others, so you have a better understanding of the hiring process, what to expect, and how you can find the right new job for you.

For instance, with you a recruiter, you can:

  • Get help identifying what you’re looking for in your next new employer and the kinds of jobs that would be a good fit for you.
  • Gain knowledge about the local employment market and which skills are most in demand.
  • Learn how to best promote your own skills, abilities, and background, so you’re more appealing to potential employers during the hiring process.
Constructive feedback.

If you have a weakness that needs some work – such as your interview skills or resume – then your recruiter will be honest with you about it. They want to see you succeed and will, therefore, offer you feedback that can help you improve the impression you’re making on potential employers. So, don’t get defensive. Take to heart what they’re saying so you can put it to good use in finding a great new job.

Access to new opportunities.

Not only do staffing companies have many jobs to fill, but they can also give you access to hidden opportunities. These are the job openings that are sometimes confidential in nature and aren’t advertised; instead, they’re simply promoted through networking and word-of-mouth. When you work with a professional staffing company, you can learn about these opportunities, as well as many others, potentially finding one that’s just right for you.

As a staffing company in North Houston serving companies and candidates alike, Kingwood Personnel can get to know your background, skill set, and personality – also so we can connect you with top jobs in your field. Search our North Houston jobs now or contact us today to learn more.

How Using a Staffing Company Will Help You Increase Productivity

If your company is like most, you’ve experienced a shortage of manpower in the past to complete important projects. Or perhaps you regularly deal with seasonal fluctuations that leave your core staff stretched thin. At the same time, you can’t justify the hiring of a full-time employee. What are your options?

Consider working with a North Houston staffing company, like Kingwood Personnel. When you do, you can benefit in a variety of ways that add up to increased productivity:

Get skilled workers during shortages.

Whether it’s a big new project, or a summertime increase in demand, you have more work than you can handle. That’s where a staffing company can help. They can give you access to skilled temporary workers to manage more effectively during these manpower shortages. Best of all, you can use them for as long as you need them. When workload returns to its normal levels, the assignment ends and temporary workers move onto their next opportunity.

Reduce the risk of employee burnout.

When employees are constantly overloaded or stretched too thin, they’ll get frustrated and eventually wind up burning out. This can lead to an increased use of sick time, more errors, unhappy employees, and higher turnover – all bad for your business bottom line. But with a staffing company, you can get the employees you need – whether on a full-time, part-time or temporary basis – so your core staff can focus on what they do best. They’ll also feel less stressed and have more time to deliver high quality work.

Access only top talent.

When you hire on your own, your risk of a mistake can be high. But when you use a staffing company, you can tap into the resources they have, including a robust network of talented candidates.

In addition, most staffing companies have a rigorous hiring process in place that includes screening, interviewing, and background and reference checks – all before a candidate gets to you. That way, you can ensure the candidates that are sent your way from your staffing company have been thoroughly vetted. This not only saves you time, but also gives you access to a stronger pool of talent.

Hire without adding to your overhead.

Sometimes, you need to hire to complete a project or get through a busy season without committing to full-time hiring. A staffing company can help there, too. They can give you access to the temporary or contract employees you need, for a short-term period. That way, you can maintain a more flexible, agile workforce that can precisely meet your business needs.

Interested in learning more about how a staffing company can help you improve productivity? Connect with Kingwood Personnel. As a leading North Houston staffing company, we provide direct hire, contract, temporary staffing, temporary-to-hire, and payrolling services across a broad range of positions, covering all industries. Contact us today to get started or learn more.

You’ve Got the Interview. What Are the Next Steps?

You got the interview. Take a moment to celebrate…and then get down to business. As one of North Houston’s leading employment agencies, we know you have a lot of work to do if you want to make the best impression possible in your interview. Here are some essentials steps to take to help you in the process:

Step 1. Re-read the job description.

Your first step in preparing for a job interview should be to re-read the job description. If it’s been a couple weeks – or even just a couple days – since you last saw it, you probably don’t remember all the details. Or there could even be information you overlooked.

Now that you have an interview, though, it’s important to review it once again and look at it through the eyes of the hiring manager. Based on the information in it:

  • What questions can you anticipate them asking?
  • Also, what key points about your background and experience will be especially vital to highlight?
  • Finally, what weaknesses or skills sets don’t you have that might come up during the interview?

Step 2. Research the company.

Once you have a handle on the specifics of the job, do your homework on the company. Read through their company website and especially the News or Blog sections. Also, look them up online in search of any relevant news articles with information that could prove helpful during your interview. You’re going to want to have a basic understanding of what they do and who they serve so you can answer questions more intelligently.

Step 3. Prepare a list of questions.

Speaking of questions, prepare a list of your own that can help you learn more about the job and company. Also, don’t forget to ask about what the culture is like so you can ensure it’s the right fit for your background and personality.

Step 4. Pick out professional attire ahead of time.

Don’t wait until the morning of the interview to put your outfit together. Instead, pick it out a few days ahead of time, so you can get it dry cleaned if needed. If it’s been a while since you’ve worn it, make sure it’s ironed and still fits you properly, too. For most professional job interviews, the gold standard in interview attire is still a suit in a neutral color, such as black or gray.

Step 5. Know where you’re going and what to do upon arrival.

Before the day of the interview, make sure you know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there and where to park. This will help ensure you don’t face any nerve-wracking situations, such as getting lost or having to park five blocks away. In addition, be sure to ask where you’re supposed to go once on-site.

By taking these few simple steps, you’ll be well ahead of the many candidates who don’t properly prepare for interviews. As a result, you can stand out to the hiring manager and make a more favorable impression.

Ready for professional job search help?

If you’re not getting interviews and aren’t sure why to call in the experts at Kingwood Personnel. As one of North Houston’s leading employment agencies, we can help you with all aspects of your search, start to finish. It’s as simple as contacting us today to learn more or get started.

When Is the Right Time to Follow Up After an Interview?

You interviewed for a great new job. You thought you were a shoo-in. But it’s been two weeks and you haven’t heard a thing. You want to follow up, but don’t want to be a pest. What’s the best way to handle this scenario? Here are some tips to help you from Kingwood Personnel, one of North Houston’s most trusted employment agencies:

Talk next steps before the end of the interview.

It’s too late now. But, in the future, if an employer doesn’t bring it up, it’s up to you to ask about next steps in the hiring process. This way, if they tell you they’ll be making a decision in two to three weeks, you have a framework to work within. When week one after the interview comes and goes, you won’t be worried. You’ll know when to expect a callback and when it’s most appropriate time to follow up if you don’t get one.

Remember, hiring can often take longer than expected. 

So, the hiring manager told you you’d hear back in two weeks and it’s now been three. Does that mean you didn’t get the job? Maybe. Maybe not. Hiring can often take longer than expected with unforeseen glitches and obstacles that happen along the way. If you don’t hear back within the timeframe they told you, don’t assume the worst. At this point, follow-up.

Be polite and to the point.

When you’re ready to follow up with the hiring manager, be direct in your email. Simply say something like: “I’m following up on the administrative assistant position I interviewed for three weeks ago. I’m still really interested and was wondering if you could share with me where you are in the hiring process.” At this point, you can also ask if they need anything else from you – such as references – to keep the process moving along.

Don’t pester them.

If you don’t hear back from them within a few days, then you can follow up again with a similarly worded email. However, at that point, if you don’t hear back, then it’s time to move on. Don’t send them a nasty email, no matter how tempting it may be. Instead, continue your search with your head held high.

But what if you didn’t ask about next steps during the hiring process? When should you follow up in that case? Wait about two weeks and – if you don’t hear anything – send a quick email inquiring about the status of the hiring process. Also, during those two weeks, don’t sit by your phone and constantly check your email. Do your best to keep your mind off the job and to continue your pursuit of other opportunities.

Need more help with your job search? Give the experts at Kingwood Personnel a call. As one of North Houston’s most trusted employment agencies, we work with top local employers and can give you access to opportunities not always advertised. Contact us today to get started or learn more.

Why Hiring for Cultural Fit is Crucial

Culture is kind of like your company’s personality. And it’s important to recruit and hire those who are a fit for it. Doing so can help ensure your employees have:

  • An easier time getting up and running – and productive
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • More loyalty to your company
  • Feel more committed to its mission
  • Produce more positive results and deliver better performance

On the other hand, hiring those who don’t blend well with the culture produces weaker quality work, less job satisfaction and can even lead to a more toxic atmosphere. This all translates into more turnover – and higher costs.

So, next time you’re hiring, how can you add culture to the mix and make sure you’re recruiting those who are a good fit for yours? Here are some tips to help you:

  • Be able to clearly articulate your culture. Before you can hire for culture, you need to define yours. In other words, what are the beliefs, mission, behaviors, attitudes, and values that come together to produce your organization’s unique environment?
  • Promote culture throughout the recruiting process. For instance, add a page that speaks to it on your website and talk about it in job postings. That way, you’re more likely to attract those who are a good fit.
  • Don’t forget to delve into the details during an interview. That means for those candidates you’re interested in hiring, talk at length about what the company culture is like – and what they can expect from working there. If it’s not the right fit for them, they’ll often self-select out.
  • Ask interview questions related to culture. For instance, ask a candidate to explain the types of working environment they thrive in best.
  • Offer an office tour. During interviews, take each candidate around on a tour. Give them the opportunity to talk with key players and potential co-workers, as well as see your workplace for themselves. This will help them better assess whether your opportunity is right for them.

Assessing for cultural fit is important. In fact, a lack of it is often a key reason why employees leave. But if you don’t have the time or resources to do it during your hiring process, get help from North Houston’s expert recruiters at Kingwood Personnel. We’re committed to helping the area’s leading employers connect with talented individuals who are a great fit and can make an immediate impact. Contact us today to get started or learn more.