Stressful conversations are never fun. But if you want to get promoted, you have to take a proactive approach and talk to your boss about securing one. What’s the best way to do it? The North Houston job recruiters at Kingwood Personnel have the answers you need. Here are some tips to help you:

Schedule a private meeting.

Set up a time to talk with your boss when he or she can give you their full attention. Asking in the hallway, or just before they’re leaving for the day isn’t going to get you very far. After all, if you’re going to land a promotion, you need to persuade your boss as to why you deserve one. You can’t do that in a minute or two. This kind of conversation requires a solid block of time in which to speak privately and state your case.

Be prepared.

You can’t just walk into the meeting, wing it, and expect a positive outcome. You need to convince your boss with hard facts and numbers that you do, in fact, deserve a promotion. So, before your meeting, come up with a list of your key strengths. Also, think about your most valuable contributions over the past year. Even better, quantify these with dollar figures, statistics, or other numbers so your boss has a sense of the true impact you’re making.

Make it about your boss.

When it comes to asking for a promotion, you’re likely focused on your career and your personal financial situation. But beyond that, you need to let your boss know what’s in it for them if you do get promoted. In other words, how will it help them improve productivity, achieve better results and positively impact the company bottom line? When you move beyond yourself and expand your argument to include your boss, too, you will have a much better shot at landing that promotion.

Be realistic.

As North Houston job recruiters, we know that when it comes to asking for a promotion, make sure you’re realistic. Don’t ask your boss for a big promotion, a huge raise, a better parking space and improved benefits. Instead, if you really believe you deserve it, simply focus on your priorities – in this case, a promotion – and then work to secure the other items on your list in the future. Asking for too much too soon can result in a negative response by your boss across the board.

Keep long-term goals in mind.

Before you ask for a promotion, think about your long-term career goals. In other words, where do you eventually want to be in your career and will this promotion help you get there? Too many times, professionals are so focused on a fancy job title that they fail take this into account. But if you really want to climb the ladder in your career – and also achieve the highest levels of job satisfaction – you need to ask yourself these questions first.

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