Searching for a new job? Not getting any offers? It can be a disheartening experience. Plus, if you’re not a professional recruiter, it’s also hard to know where you’re going wrong, so you can improve your odds of getting interviews and a new position.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, a recruiting company in North Houston – like Kingwood Personnel – can help in a variety of different ways. Here’s just a few of them:


When you partner with a recruiting company in your job search, you suddenly have access to in-depth knowledge you didn’t have before. For instance, you can learn about what exactly hiring managers look for on resumes and in candidates. You can also gain expert insight into the local companies that are hiring or will be soon. In addition, professionals at a recruiting company will have unique perspectives on in-demand skills and experiences employers are looking for. All this translates into a partner who can help you better navigate the job market and find an opportunity faster.

Many times, North Houston employers use recruiting companies to hire for confidential opportunities not available on the general employment market. You can access these hidden jobs when you work with professional recruiters. Not only that, but recruiting companies have many contacts with local employers. As a result, if you’re the ideal fit for a certain company, they can send along your resume, even if the company isn’t actively hiring.


If you’re on the fence about where to take your career, the professionals at a recruiting company can offer you the guidance you need. They can help to clarify your strengths and goals, all so you take the right next steps in your career. In addition, on a practical level, they can assist you with resume writing and interview preparation. This will help to ensure you make the strongest impression possible on hiring managers.


When you work with a recruiting company in North Houston, they will follow up to get feedback on your interview with prospective employers. That means you don’t have to wait and wonder about whether you got the job. Your recruiter will be able to tell you if you’re still in the running, or whether the hiring manager decided you weren’t the right fit. If you didn’t get the job, they will often be able to get feedback as to why – information you can leverage to improve your odds at your next interview.

Ready to put the advantages of a North Houston recruiting company to use in your job search?

Whether you work in accounting, HR, sales and marketing, manufacturing, or another field, Kingwood Personnel can help you find your next great job. In fact, for the past 30 years, we’ve been connecting the area’s top talent with the leading local employers. Contact us today to learn more.