Passive aggressive employees often indirectly resist their assignments, avoid face-to-face confrontation, and act with petulance.

These types of employees may act out covertly to sabotage others and, subsequently, tank projects and business objectives. If you have someone like this in your employ, it’s best to deal with her or him head on. As one of the leading staffing agencies in Kingwood, TX, Kingwood Personnel knows that allowing passive aggression to continue can seriously impact productivity, morale, and your bottom line.

So how can you properly handle a passive aggressive person at work? Here are a few tips:

Be direct with them

Handling a passive aggressive person is a challenge because, by definition, they typically avoid direct confrontation. Instead, they may mumble snide comments or purposefully miss a deadline to hurt a teammate.

That’s why, when confronting a passive aggressive employee, you’ll want to be clear and direct about the behavior you’ve witnessed. Document specific examples so that you’re able to have an objective conversation with them.

Remain collected

It’s easy to become frustrated at a passive aggressive employee, but it’s imperative to remain calm and collected when dealing with the situation. Over-reacting or attacking the employee will inevitably make the situation worse. While being direct is important, passive aggressive personalities don’t respond well to attacks; they simply shut down and become more problematic.

Lead by example

As an employer, it’s not your job to change someone’s deeply-rooted personality or coping mechanisms. But if you create a company culture that encourages communication, support, and openness, it can diffuse negative behaviors like passive aggression before it can take root.

A passive aggressive employee can cause a great deal of stress for you and your other employees. So if you have a passive aggressive team member, it’s important to confront them about their behavior. But it’s just as important to ensure you have a culture built on trust and communication to prevent feelings of passive aggressiveness in the first place.

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