You might think being overqualified makes you a shoo-in for a job. However, as an employment firm in North Houston, Kingwood Personnel knows it’s actually a red flag for hiring managers. They think once you’re in the position, you’ll:

  • Grow bored and quit.
  • Have a hard time being managed by someone with less experience than you.
  • Leave once a better opportunity comes along.

So if there’s really a job you want, can you overcome the over-qualification factor? Whether you want a step down in responsibilities or just a change in your career, Kingwood Personnel knows that answer is “yes.” It all starts with taking the right approach. Here’s how:

Talk about it in your cover letter.

You know you’re overqualified; so talk about it, don’t avoid it. Bring it up in your cover letter. Explain why it is you’re applying for a position you know you’re overqualified for. Then talk about how your skills and experience can benefit the employer.

Don’t bold job titles on your resume.

Job titles are one of the first pieces of information a hiring manager will see on your resume. If yours are all for leadership positions, and you’re applying for a job that’s at a lower level, it can become a problem. Instead, play up your skills and experience and downplay job titles.

Discuss salary.

One of the biggest reasons candidates who are overqualified often don’t get a second look is related to money. Employers assume they can’t afford you, so why waste time on an interview. That’s why it’s important to confront this issue head on. Let the hiring manager know you are seeking market rate for the job, not necessarily something that aligns with your current salary.

Play up the value you can offer.

While you might be overqualified, you still have a lot to offer. For instance, talk about your longevity in past positions and your loyalty to your employers. This is especially important since hiring managers are concerned you’ll quit the second a better offer comes along. Also, use specific examples of your accomplishments to talk about the positive bottom line results you’ve delivered throughout your career.

Offer to work on a trial basis or sign a contract.

If the hiring manager is considering you, let them know that the job is the one you want and that if hired, you’re committed to making it work. If the fact that you’re overqualified is holding them back, offer to work on a trial basis for a month or to sign a contract promising to stay with the company for a specific period of time.

Need more help getting over being overqualified for jobs?

Call in Kingwood Personnel. As an experienced employment firm in North Houston, we know how to market your skills and background all to help you find the job that’s a match for your background and lifestyle needs. Simply contact our team today to learn more.