Searching for a new job is hard work. Searching for one while you’re unemployed can be doubly hard. That’s because hiring managers can sometimes have an unconscious bias when it comes to hiring those who are unemployed. They might rank you lower than a candidate with the same level of skill and experience, simply based on the fact that you don’t currently have a job.

As leading North Houston recruiters, Kingwood Personnel knows overcoming this can be tough. However, to get a great new job, it’s a must. Here are a few tips to help you in the process:

Always be precise and professional.

If you don’t follow the instructions in the job posting or show up late to an interview, it’s going to hurt you more than other candidates who are currently employed. It will simply feed into the hiring manager’s mindset that there is a good reason that you’re out of work. So when applying and interviewing, you have very little room for error. Keep that in mind and work hard to always be precise and professional.

Don’t act desperate.

You’re unemployed, so you likely have more at stake than a candidate who currently has a job. However, that doesn’t mean it’s ok to come off as desperate to the hiring manager. If you do, you’re going to lose points with them. So be confident and enthusiastic in your application materials, and during phone screens and interviews. Also, never pester hiring managers if you don’t hear back from them immediately.

Be honest.

Hiring managers will want to know why you don’t have a job. It’s up to you to have a good answer ready. Perhaps you were fired, or maybe you needed to leave your last situation because it was toxic. Whatever the case, you need to be transparent about it because a hiring manager will likely find out the truth, even if you don’t tell them.

That doesn’t mean you need to get into the dark, nitty-gritty details. It does, however, mean being straightforward, explaining what you’ve learned from the experience, and talking about what you’re hoping for in a future opportunity.

Show your worth.

Just because you’re not employed doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of talent and a strong skill set. It’s up to you to showcase it to hiring managers. Make an effort to not only discuss your background, with specific stories and examples but also tie it into the position you’re interested in. When you make it easy for hiring managers to see your worth and what an asset you would be to their team, you have a better shot at getting an offer.

Need more help finding a new job in North Houston?

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