As one of the leading staffing agencies in Kingwood, Texas and the surrounding north Houston areas, Kingwood Personnel knows growing your business isn’t all a matter of acquiring new customers. Sometimes taking a step back – and focusing on your people, can help you achieve your growth goals.

Below are a few tips to consider:

Ramp up customer service.

It’s an old, but true, adage that it costs more to acquire customers than to keep your existing ones. And having a loyal base of clients is key to a steady and healthy business.Therefore, it is crucial that your current employees know how to service your current customers. With most business markets more competitive than ever, it’s important to be attentive to clients’ changing needs. Just like your best employees always have options on where they can work, your best customers can always spend their money elsewhere, if their needs are not being met.

Invest in your employees.

When you’re looking to grow your business, it’s important to commit resources to the professional development of your staff. You can’t expect your managers and employees to learn new skills and achieve their growth potential without training and education opportunities.

So whether it’s regular brown bag lunches that focus on important topics each week, or professional development seminars, ensure your employees have access to plenty of learning opportunities.

Create a culture of empowerment and collaboration.

Don’t micromanage every detail of your staff’s day. Instead, empower them to make decisions and act on them. Even if they make mistakes along the way, they’ll learn far more than if you are constantly looking over their shoulders, trying to do the work for them.

Also be sure to instill a strong spirit of collaboration in your team. Promote internal communication and encourage employees to forge ties with those outside their teams and departments. Some of the most innovative and profitable solutions come from cross-departmental collaboration.

Address hiring mistakes.

The last thing any business needs is to bring someone on board who isn’t a fit for the job and the culture. That said, if a hiring mistake happens, then you need to take swift action and part ways with the employee. Poor performing staff members erode morale and impact productivity. The longer you leave them on the team, the more they will harm your company.

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