A few years ago, you were happy in your career. Today, however, things are lackluster. You’re thinking of a transition. But that’s a big decision and an even bigger move to make. What should you keep in mind, so you don’t get in over your head? Here are a few tips to help you:

Think beyond passion.

There might be a certain field you’re excited about or a hobby that you want to turn into a career. While your feelings are important to take into account, you also need to do your homework and conduct extensive research first to ensure it makes sense to jump into the new career you’re considering.

Likewise, ask yourself some hard questions, such as: are you willing to work more hours to start over? If you’re like most professionals, you have a lot going on in your life and even more so if you have a family. Transitioning to a new career can take up a big chunk of your extra time and your passion can quickly flare out, as a result.

Check your financials.

Simply put, can you afford to switch careers? If you do, what kinds of changes will you have to make in your lifestyle? Will you be able to earn a similar paycheck, or will you have to take a big step down in terms of salary? How will that impact you?

Beyond the income you earn, it’s also vital that you think about benefits. If your family relies on you for health insurance, for instance, how will you ensure coverage for them? Answering these questions will help ensure that you walk into a new situation with eyes wide open and fewer surprises ahead.

Have a plan B in place.

There’s no guarantee your new career will pan out, or it could take longer than what you expected. How will you deal with that? Are you willing to go back to work in your old field? If not, then what’s your contingency plan? There are always unforeseen obstacles in the road when changing careers. But by planning ahead for them, you can make the journey a little less stressful.

Unhappy in your career and ready for a change?

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