Securing an interview is both exciting and nerve-wracking. How can you best prepare? As the saying goes: “Knowledge is power.” Therefore, it’s important to know what to expect so you can walk into your next interview with confidence.

To help you in the process, here’s some insight from Kingwood Personnel – leading North Houston recruiters – on what hiring managers want from candidates, all so you can increase your odds of getting the job:

Write a strong resume and cover letter.

You might think resumes and cover letters are relics from a past age. Not so. Today’s hiring managers not only expect both a resume and cover letter, but they also want ones that are concise, articulate, polished and professional. It’s certainly a tall order, but these documents are how they decide on whom to interview. That’s why it’s important to focus plenty of time and effort on crafting customized ones.

Be professional.

This should go without saying – and yet, for some candidates, it needs to be said. So what does “being professional” entail? Showing up on time, demonstrating good manners, being respectful to everyone you encounter, and wearing appropriate interview attire. Also, avoid common don’ts, such as chewing gum, putting on powerful cologne or perfume, and keeping your phone on during the interview.

Be prepared.
Hiring managers expect you to know a little bit about the company before you arrive for an interview. Not only that, but they’ll be even more impressed if you’re able to tie in your experience and skills to their specific needs. Another way to show a hiring manager you’re prepared? Come with a list of questions so you can learn more about the job and work culture, as well as demonstrate your enthusiasm for the opportunity.

Know when to be quiet.

It’s important to offer clear detail and examples when a hiring manager asks you a question. But it’s just as important to know when to stop talking. In other words, once you’ve answered a question don’t drone on about unrelated information or babble so much you start getting into personal details. Zip your lips and keep quiet until the next question comes. Otherwise, you could harm your chances of getting asked back for a second interview.

Prove your worth.

Why should a hiring manager hire you over another candidate? It’s up to you to prove your worth and showcase your unique skills and abilities. So on your resume and in interviews, be ready to explain why you’re different and the value you can offer to potential employers.

Be truthful.

Above all, a hiring manager expects job candidates to be truthful. If you’re not, though, they can often find out with one call to a past manager or a reference. Not only will you lose out in this opportunity, but also future ones, as well.

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