Congratulations! You got an interview. As leading North Houston recruiters, Kingwood Personnel knows that now comes the hard work: Preparing for it. What steps can you take today to ensure you put your best forward during it? Here’s a look at some essential do’s and don’ts:

What to DO

  • To answer questions intelligently during an interview, you must have some knowledge about the company and the job. To gain it, read through their website, checking out their social media profiles, and Google news articles about them.
  • When you’re walking into an interview, it’s tough to know the exact questions you’ll get asked. However, there are many common ones you can expect, such as “tell me about your strengths” and “why should we hire you?” Make a list of these kinds of questions and practice your answers. Also, come up with a list of accomplishments and examples of your track record you’d like to share with the interviewer. You can then weave these into your answers when relevant.
  • Plan ahead. Before the day of your interview, know the drive time and route you will take to get there to ensure you don’t get lost. Add in some extra travel time in case of an accident or construction. Also, the night before, pack up copies of your resume, business cards, a notepad and pen, and any other documents you need to bring with you.
  • Be professional. This starts with dressing the part. Make sure you wear conservative, interview-appropriate attire. Also, be friendly and treat everyone you meet – from the parking attendant and the receptionist to the company CEO – with respect. In addition, offer a strong handshake and plenty of eye contact to those you’re interviewing with.
  • Ask questions and talk next steps. Have your own list of questions prepared about the job and the company. That way, you can get the details you need to evaluate whether the opportunity is right for you. Also, discuss next steps before you leave the interview and when a hiring decision will be made.


  • Arrive too early. You might think getting to the interview well ahead of time is a good thing. However, if you arrive more than 10 or 15 minutes early, you’ll be forced to sit around and wait nervously for longer than needed. This, in turn, can impact your performance.
  • Not smile. Hiring managers want people who are energetic and enthusiastic about the opportunity. One of the best ways you can convey that you’re excited about the job is by smiling. Don’t overdo it. But a confident smile and a good attitude can go a long way in making a positive impression on those you’re interviewing with.
  • Leave your cell phone on. Even if it’s on vibrate, you can still feel or hear it, which could distract you at a key point. To avoid this, simply turn your phone off before you enter an interview.
  • Show bad body language. You might say all the right things during an interview. However, if you have poor posture, nervous ticks, or don’t make eye contact, it’s going to communicate a lack of confidence to the interviewer. So be mindful of body language and what you’re communicating with yours.

When it comes to your next job interview, there’s a lot at stake. But by following the do’s above – and avoiding the don’ts – you’ll be well on your way to making the best impression possible and landing the job you want.

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