More and more companies are turning to temporary agencies for their staffing solutions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, temporary work accounts for about 2.9 million jobs in the private sector.

But that doesn’t mean you should be less thorough with temp hires. As one of Kingwood’s leading staffing agencies, Kingwood Personnel knows that one key to hiring a great temporary employees lies in asking the right interview questions.

Here are a few questions to ask temp candidates:

Would you be interested if a permanent position became available?

It’s always important to understand a candidate’s career goals. The case may be that you’re hiring a temp to meet demand for a short-term increase in business without increasing your overhead. However, if that turns into a long-term demand, you’ll likely want to have a candidate available who is receptive to that opportunity.

What is your availability?

Having the skillset required to perform the job is only half the battle in finding great temp talent. If they aren’t able to fit your schedule, it’s a no-win situation. It’s important to find those candidates who can meet your scheduling needs and who can also be flexible should those needs change.

How easily do you adjust to a new environment?

Each time a temp employee begins a new assignment, how quickly they can assimilate to a new culture and set of rules will, in many ways, determine their success in the role. Someone who doesn’t handle change well may not be as great of a fit in a temp role.

How would your colleagues describe you?

Although you’re likely going to be performing reference checks, this is a great opportunity for you to see if your candidate’s answer matches or is close to what their previous coworkers say about them.

Hiring a temp worker shouldn’t be less of an undertaking when it comes to interviewing. These questions are just a starting point to help you make the best hiring decision possible.

Do you need expert help hiring temp workers – and taking your company to the next level? Call the team at Kingwood Personnel. As one of Kingwood’s top temporary staffing agencies, our extensive database of North Houston candidates allows us to identity proven performers who can step in and make an immediate contribution to our clients’ growth and productivity goals. Contact us today to learn more.