For every corporate job opening, recruiters get around 250 applications. That means you’re contending with 249 other job candidates – many of whom might be as skilled and experienced as you – for a shot at an interview. So how can you stand out among so many?

As one of North Houston’s top employment agencies, Kingwood Personnel has the tips and tricks you need. Here’s a look at 5 hacks to help you get on the radar of recruiters and get noticed.

#1: Include keywords on your resume.

In today’s world, many resumes go through an applicant tracking system before a recruiter sees them. These systems work by scanning for keywords and key phrases, looking for relevance, and sending only the most qualified ones to recruiters. As a result, if you don’t include keywords and phrases from the job posting on your resume, yours could slip through the cracks.

#2: Quantify your achievements.

It sounds simple enough and yet it’s one of the best ways to stand out to recruiters. In your cover letter and on your resume, make sure you’re not only listing out relevant accomplishments, but also talking about them in terms of dollars, time, percentages and other numbers. When you do, you’ll gain a competitive advantage over other candidates.

#3: Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Recruiters often look to LinkedIn when sourcing candidates, as well as when vetting them. That’s why you need a polished and professional presence on the site. If yours could use a little work, then now’s the time to improve and optimize it. When you do, make sure you have a good quality headshot and also complete the summary section, using it as an opportunity to talk about the skills and experience that set you apart.

#4: Engage with companies on social media.

Many companies today use social recruiting as a part of their hiring strategy. So if you’re not connected with potential employers on social media, you’re missing out on an opportunity to open up a dialogue with recruiters and hiring managers. Not only that, but social media offers a great way to learn more about the company, ask questions, and find out about the latest openings.

#5: Work with an employment agency.

Another simple way to get noticed and get a new job is to work with a local employment agency. They know which employers are hiring and how to stand out to them. They can also help with practical advice on resume writing, interviewing, networking and other aspects of your search. In essence, you can gain a partner in your job search success, one that can help you find a new opportunity faster.

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