Summer is here. And while you might be busy filling orders and managing seasonal employees, it’s also important to take a bigger picture look at your staffing function. When you do, you can create a strategic plan that ensures you’re always optimally staffed, with the right people in the right positions. Such a plan can also help you to fill skill gaps, fight rising overhead, and keep your company operating at peak performance.

To get there, here are a few key areas to focus on as you’re creating your plan:

Business goals.

As one of North Houston’s leading staffing companies, Kingwood Personnel knows when it comes to creating a strategic staffing plan, you need to think about both short- and long-term business goals. Whether you’re interested in taking on new initiatives, expanding into different territories, or reducing overhead, these goals are all impacted by the people you have – or don’t have – in place. Outline your goals so you can then develop the strategy to achieve them.

Current employees.

What’s the landscape of your existing staff? Is there high turnover? Burnout? Skill gaps? People in positions ill-suited for them? Or high-potential employees who aren’t being fully leveraged? Whatever the case for you, it’s important to gain insight into where you are now in terms of your team, so you know what you need going forward.

Current staffing needs.

To create a sound strategy, you have to understand the skills and experience you’re lacking, as well as how you’ll go about acquiring them. Your timeline for hiring is also a vital consideration to take into account. Some questions to ask yourself during this part of the process include:

  • What roles do you need to fill?
  • How will you fill them?
  • Are these temporary or full-time positions?
  • How long will it take to hire?
  • What will it cost?
  • What will the onboarding process look like?
  • How long will it take for new hires to become productive?

Future staffing needs.

You need to hire now. But that doesn’t mean you should put workforce projections on the back burner. It’s also a smart move to plan out the next five to 10 years so you can begin building a talent pipeline, developing succession plans, and taking into account any company restructuring that’s on the horizon.

Once your plan is created, make sure you monitor and update it at least once a year. Things happen – whether you win or lose a big client, or new legislation drastically impacts the industry you operate in. It’s therefore imperative to create a plan that’s agile enough to adapt to the changing needs of your business environment.

Interested in professional help creating a strategic staffing plan?

Give Kingwood Personnel, one of North Houston’s trusted staffing companies, a call today. We can assist you with the process – from start to finish – so you can get a targeted and customized plan that works best for you and your team. Contact us to learn more or get started.