The holidays are here and while it’s a wonderful time of year, it’s also a busy and stressful one. As one of North Houston’s top staffing agencies, Kingwood Personnel knows your people are likely being pulled in many different directions during this season, meaning productivity numbers can take a hit. How can you keep them on track, while still ensuring they have some fun, too? With these tips:

Offer flexible hours.

When you let your staff work more flexible hours, they’ll be more productive, too. Not only that, but they’ll feel less stressed and more appreciative and loyal toward your company.

Encourage time off.

Expect your people to take time off during the holidays. Don’t make them feel guilty for it. They’ll be looking forward to it and it will offer them an incentive to work harder and meet production goals during the days they are in the office.

Feed your staff.

Food is always a good way to motivate staff, especially if they have to stay late or come in early for an important meeting or to complete a big project. Feeding them shows that you care, making them feel more valued and appreciated, as a result.

Recognize your employees.

Whether it’s through hand-written thank you notes, or a small, personalized gift, show your people that you truly appreciate them and the work they do. The power of appreciation cannot be underestimated; in fact, according to one survey by Globoforce, 86% of employees say that being recognized motivates them in their job.

Celebrate the wins.

Positively reinforce your team when they achieve important goals, like landing a big client. Give them a call, send out an email, or recognize them in front of the whole company. If it’s a particularly important accomplishment, you might even want to do something special, like take them to lunch to celebrate.

Set goals.

Goals are a great way to keep your team members motivated and on track. Just make sure that whatever you do set is challenging, yet attainable. Unrealistic goals will only serve to demoralize your team.

Create a fun atmosphere.

The holidays offer a great time to foster a sense of camaraderie around the office, so you and your staff can forge stronger ties. Take advantage of it and make sure to infuse some fun and celebrations into your workplace at this time of the year.

Need more help dealing with these and other staffing and HR challenges?

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