When you’re looking to fill vacant positions, you’ll likely need to use more than an attractive salary to get top talent to apply. Regardless of the unemployment rate, the best candidates always have options when it comes to choosing an employer, and you need to stand out from the competition to get them interested.

If you’re looking for ways to attract the most capable job seekers imaginable, here are some methods for attracting the candidates you need.

Company Culture

One method for attracting top talent is to have an attractive company culture. Often, this involves having a well-defined mission and core values, as well as providing support to employees interested in building their skills or furthering their careers. Having a leadership team that prioritizes communication, trust, and transparency can also help, as these points assist in the creation of a strong overall culture.

When you develop your company culture, you need to form it in such a way as to attract the kind of job seeker who will flourish in open positions. This involves creating a brand that focuses on finding candidates that are the right fit as well as highly skilled.

Work Environment

Having the right physical environment can also be a method for attracting the best candidates. When employees feel comfortable at work and can easily access the tools they need to complete their duties, they are more likely to be engaged on the job. Typically, a sense of engagement can increase their overall job satisfaction, and happy workers can make other job seekers interested in applying to vacancies.

The type of environmental improvements a company can offer depends on the industry, as what works in an office doesn’t always fit in an industrial space. Often, a quick discussion with your current workforce can help you determine what changes are most desirable, giving you some initial direction.


Providing a wider range of benefits and perks can also attract the best candidates available today. Anything from flexible scheduling to student loan repayment to free lunches might draw the attention of job seekers looking for more than just a paycheck.

Typically, the best place to start is with the standard benefits package. Offerings like medical, dental, and retirement accounts can go a long way to increase interest in your vacancies. Generous time off is almost always appreciated and the option to work from home, even occasionally, is highly desirable.

You can also create a career planning program that helps employees grow with the company. This may include an effective performance review process, goal development, and even succession planning. This allows workers to manage their careers strategically and can be especially attractive to employees who want to keep moving forward.

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