As one of the leading placement firms in Kingwood, TX, Kingwood Personnel understands that some people won’t always fit in with your organization. You may not even realize it right away.

It’s never easy to let an employee go, but it can be detrimental to morale and business objectives to keep someone on staff who isn’t making a positive contribution. While there are many ways you can gauge if it’s time to let someone go, these are just a few ways to know if it’s time to say good-bye:

Consistently not meeting expectations, even after many warnings

If at first an employee doesn’t meet your expectations, the case may be that there’s been a miscommunication, a lack of training, and/or there weren’t clear expectations set from the beginning. But once you’ve communicated your expectations, set clear goals, and provided ample training opportunities – and the employee is still underperforming – then it’s clear they’re not a fit for the role they’re in. Not only does this situation waste time and money, but it can also cause tension between others within your company.

Unable to adapt to change

As your industry continues to evolve with changing technologies and advancements, an employee who is immovable or refuses to improve with your organization can slow your company down. If an employee isn’t comfortable with change or improving their abilities, then it may be time to move on.

Lack of passion or drive

Newly hired employees are full of excitement and enthusiasm about the opportunities that lie ahead. As time goes on, those who aren’t committed to the company’s values and mission can easily lose their drive and passion. While this might be a temporary situation due to a challenging project or a difficult client, it becomes a big problem when it’s an ongoing issue.

They’re simply not a fit

Even if someone has all the hard skills required to be successful at the job, they may not have the soft skills– the ones that will determine whether or not a candidate will blend with the culture – to make it at your company. And if you’ve got someone on staff who isn’t a fit culturally speaking, then it will become clear very quickly. The faster you cut ties, the better.

Firing an employee can be a difficult. However, keeping someone on staff who isn’t doing a good job, or isn’t the right fit, can cause serious damage to their career and your company in the long run.

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